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dip ’n strip is your first choice for stripping cabinet doors, architectural woodwork, exterior doors, interior doors, mantels, banisters, bedroom sets, dining room sets more safely and thoroughly.

Professional Paint Stripping

Restoring wood today can require a variety of expensive materials and specialized finishes. Why take chances? Our expertise in stripping gives your restoration project its best chance for success. A quality finish begins with ridding your wood of years and layers of grime, paint and stains. If done incorrectly, the paint or varnish will look spotty or discolored. Why lose many hours of work and possibly incur the costly expense of having to start over if you don’t have to?

Our unique process

By using our unique process, we are able to ensure a complete removal of old material down to the bare wood safely. Not only is it safe and time saving, but it gives you the perfect start to your restoration project. We can also strip paint from metals, radiator covers and more. Call us today to see how we can help you with your project!

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